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    Shenzhen Lrjun Electonic Co., Ltd.
    Welcome to Shenzhen Lrjun Electonic Co., Ltd.
    About Us
    Founded in 2011, the registered capital of 100 million, is the global management of the professional LED indoor lighting products production and sales company. Is a strong high-tech enterprises.
    Cheryl Chun Electronics cohesion of the domestic semiconductor lighting industry's top research talent, the power LED secondary optics non-imaging systems, thermal design, circuit drive system to achieve a number of major breakthroughs, and its product illumination, uniformity, safety , waterproof, dustproof and other indicators fully meet the relevant national standards, the full implementation...
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    Address:YingRenShi old village house crossing the 3rd Building B 1220, Bao'an District Shiyan Street Shenzhen    Tel:0755-86325936    Fax:0755-61504518
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